Pagoda Floating Restaurant

In 1964 H.T. Hayashi had a vision to build a hotel and restaurant that was centrally located near popular downtown attractions and to create a unique dining experience for locals and visitors alike. Since then, the Pagoda Floating Restaurant is where Hawai‘i has been celebrating birthdays, weddings, graduations and all other special occasion.

When dining at the Pagoda Floating Restaurant, you will be surrounded by a 360 degree view of our Japanese koi pond and tranquil waterfall. Enjoy our famous Local Flavors menu and buffet created by Executive Chef Michael Arita and experience the flavorful history of Hawai‘i`s present and past.

Our local roots run deep and we are proud of our special culture and traditions in Hawai‘i. We consistently strive to provide our guests with the local flavors of Hawai’i through our warm hospitality, beautiful surroundings and a taste of our local flavors.

We are aio

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